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Staying active has always been a big part of my life and one that I’m currently struggling with as I balance a new job, the blog, a social life and my marriage.  Some days being active means going to an intense boxing class with Trent or lifting weights, other days it means taking the stairs at work, utilizing my standing desk and taking a power walk after dinner.  We don’t always make it to the gym, but we try to do something to get moving.  Regardless of our activity, I’ve realized that I have more motivation to workout when I have activewear that makes me feel confident.

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outfit details: anorak jacket // camo sports bra // high waisted leggings // sneakers

Old Navy activewear is not only stylish, but affordable and performance-driven.  I recently had the chance to try out some of their new Fall product and was honestly surprised by how well it fit.  The sports bra gave the perfect amount of support for a boxing class or yoga.  While I wouldn’t recommend running in it, they do offer high-impact bras that I will definitely be trying in the future after this experience.

There were so many leggings to choose from, with so many different looks and styles, that it was hard to pick just one!  I went with the burgundy high-waisted leggings with mesh insert on the side.  The waistline stayed up throughout my workout!  I wasn’t constantly pulling it up or struggling with the “rollover” action.  I also liked that the mesh was soft and breathable, not itchy or too thin like others I’ve tried (this can lead to tearing).  I’m shown wearing a size XL and found the fit was true to other brands I’m wearing.

Lastly, I grabbed a lightweight jacket that I know will come in handy as we transition seasons.  During this time of the year I find I always need a little something to keep me warm on my way into the gym in the morning or coming out of the gym when it’s cool at night.  I chose this anorak because 1) it’s blush, duh and 2) I liked that it could double as a rain jacket.  The material is soft and breathes well, it’s just the right amount of warmth, and it could easily move in it if I wanted to wear it on a run.

If you’re looking for affordable activewear in a range of sizes, Old Navy offers great style for all body types from size XS-4X.  I highly recommend their leggings, tees and low-impact sports bras.  More to come as I continue to explore products from brands like Old Navy, who know that fitness comes in all shapes and sizes.

P.S. It’s was 90 degrees and ridiculously humid when we shot this look, so yes, my hair is a genuine sweaty mess.  Along with the rest of me haha!


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