The Best Sticky Bra for Large Bust Sizes

You asked, I delivered!  After months of testing, I’m finally sharing my favorite sticky bras for women with larger bust sizes.  The issue came up recently when I was preparing for my friends’ wedding and found myself in need of a bra option that 1) offered support in a deep v-neck gown 2) kept the girls in place and 3) comfortably fit my chest size without adding bulk.  I took to Instagram Stories to ask about your favorite brands and while several of you suggested one of my favorites in today’s post, majority of the responses I received voiced frustration, incredulity, and a desperate need for recommendations .  Thus, my mission began!

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The majority of my teenage and adult life I found myself yearning to wear the cute drapey, spaghetti strap or v-neck tops and backless dresses, maybe a plunging neckline once in a while if I was feeling sassy.  I never wore them because of my chest.  Until recently, I hadn’t dared to try wearing anything like that because I thought I would never find a bra option that worked with my size and, even if I did, I was ashamed of my bust size.  It’s the honest truth.  I spent so much time and energy trying to disguise them, to hide them and make them look smaller.  I would hunch my shoulders in photos and stress out anytime something seemed even just a little too low cut.  As I began to embrace my body and learn to love it exactly as it is, my bust size became the final piece of that puzzle.  In the last year or so, I decided to be thankful for my assets.  I would no longer let the opinions of others keep me from celebrating my curves.  I would not be stifled by the stigma that surrounded “big boobs” and cleavage, created by men’s lack of control and objectification of women’s bodies, nor the judgement from fellow women when I choose to wear what makes me feel confident, sexy and fabulous.  Whether that’s a baggy t-shirt dress or a plunge neck bodysuit, I will wear what I want!

And so, I decided finding the right sticky bra was way over-due.  Here are my top three favorite brands so far, plus ones I would avoid.

*Disclaimer: there are going to be some visuals I have to describe that might be a little uncomfortable for some, but it’s the only way I can share how best to use these bras.

#1: Brassy Bra

Several people recommended this brand to me on Instagram and as soon as I saw the website I knew it was going to be the winner.  Why?  Because it is one of the only brands of adhesive bras that offers not only different sizes, covering cup sizes A-G, but they also have a selection of colors to help best match your skin tone.  For $38 you get 3 pairs of bras featuring their breathable “second skin” technology, as well as nipple covers and tape.  While this may be on the more expensive side for adhesive bras, I felt like the quality and customization made it absolutely worth every penny.  The larger your breast, the more surface area there is to cover and I felt like that was the crux of the issue with other brands.  They were too small and didn’t cover enough of my breast to actually support the shape and weight.  Brassy Bra offers plenty of material to work with different shapes and sizes, plus you can even cut the bra to fit whatever neckline you’re wearing.  I ended up doing this with my bridesmaid dress and it worked great!  I recommend cutting the material while you wear the bra to ensure it’s the right shape.    If you want to know more about how to use them or want to see tutorials, visit their website for tons of resources by size!

#2: Reveal Bra

At first glance the reviews on Amazon for this product aren’t great.  However, I tried Reveal Bra before seeing any of them and honestly I thought the product worked great! But there is a hack you must follow if you have a larger chest: use two adhesive bra pieces per breast.  Seems silly, but at this price point (5 pairs for $10) you can double up and still get at least two uses out of each pack.  I’m actually wearing the reveal bra in all of the photos for this blog post. The nose-like shape wraps around the underside of your breast really well, helping support and maintain shape.  But since there is more surface area to cover, I layer two side-by-side letting them overlap and create more support.  So for instance, on the left side I adhere the first bra on the center of my breast, as shown on the packaging, then I take a second bra and layer it so that it’s offset to the left side creating fuller coverage and additional support.  For me (I’m a DDD cup), the right hand side of the second bra overlaps across my nipple. Depending on your bust side this amount of overlap may vary.  Then I use the small tape pieces that are included in the pack across the top part of the bra to make sure it stays on. Larger breasts are heavier, so you need extra strength support. If you feel like it’s not strong enough, then I recommend using small pieces of gaffer tape.

#3: Boob Glue

This product is so underrated, I couldn’t believe it took this long to discover it!  We first tried Boob Glue for one of my sister’s weddings and it worked like a charm.  My mom used it and it stayed on all night long, through sweat and dancing, from mid-afternoon all the way to the wee hours of the next morning.  Here’s how it works: while wearing your top or dress, remove one breast at a time and apply boob glue liberally around the breast area that will be touching fabric, avoiding nipple area.  Put the breast where you want it to sit inside your top or dress, then press and hold for at least 1 minute.  That’s it!  when you’re ready to remove, just use soap and water.  Super easy, long lasting support and it passed the wedding test.  It’s a winner! The only reason this doesn’t rank higher in my favorites is because I feel like it doesn’t work with all tops and dresses.  It’s great for form-fitting silhouettes or woven items that have shape, but if you’re looking for an adhesive bra to wear with a drapey top or knit item, then I wouldn’t recommend this option.  If you would like more information, FAQs and tutorials visit the Boob Glue website.

Important Tip: Please note that with any adhesive bra it is imperative that you apply them to dry, clean skin.  If you need to put on lotion or body oil, do so after you’ve apply them and try to avoid getting it on the bra.  Otherwise, they will not stay on.  I recommend using a warm damp washcloth (a little bit of soap is even better) to wipe away any sweat, dirt or lotion residue.  Let your skin completely dry before apply your sticky bra.

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Now for the ones I would avoid…

Silicone Bras – I’ve found that silicone bras offer zero support and ultimately end up making the shape of your breast look worse than if you had just let them hang free.  I haven’t had success with them, but if you find a brand that works let me know!

The Kardashian Gaffer Tape Method – My younger sister and I actually tried this for a wedding and it was a major fail!  First of all, it took way too long to do.  Second, I found it challenging to get the tape applied correctly so that it didn’t make my breasts look uneven or oddly shaped.  Third, it was uncomfortable.  I felt like it made me sweat more and removing the tape was not a pleasant experience.  It’s one thing to apply a tiny piece at the top of an adhesive bra for extra support, but applying gaffer tape all over your chest seems terrible for your skin.  However, if you have had success with this and find it comfortable, more power to ya!  It’s definitely a cheaper, customized route.

Bring It Up Instant Breast Lift & Breast Shapers: Just seconds after applying the Instant Breast Lift pieces they would come off, as they couldn’t support the weight of my breasts.  If I didn’t move they might have stayed on, but that doesn’t really help us!  I felt like there just wasn’t enough material.  It may work better for light weight breast implants that have a more consistent shape, but for my au-natural girls they just weren’t strong enough.  In regards to the Breast Shapers, these didn’t really do anything to help lift or shape my breasts.  Depending on your shape (mine are teardrop according to ThirdLove’s Breast Shape Dictionary) they might be sufficient in smoothing and rounding, but again there just wasn’t enough material to work with in my opinion.  Especially because both of these products only go up to a size DD.

I hope I’m able to take some of the guesswork out of the equation and help you find the right adhesive bra option for you!  If you try any of these, please let me know what you think in the comments of this post or shoot my a message on Instagram.  I would love to hear from you!


  1. I love that these reviews are for big busted gals by a big busted gal! Usually when I search best bra for big boobs I get some perky A/B telling me what bra is fabulous… guess what, maybe for her but not for my big girls. The only thing I wish this article had was more bras that did not go as high on the breast. My daughter is a DD and has a cute dress for formal but it is pretty much straight across the chest, not triangled at the sides so most of these options will not work for this dress, but bookmarking the page for future reference!

  2. If you haven’t tried it yet, the Misses Kisses bra is incredible. It doesn’t give you lift, but it gives you incredible shape and cleavage. My only complaint is it does add to the overall size of your boobs. So if you’re like me who already has DDDs, be prepared for the girls to be incredibly large. But it works really well for looks for you don’t don’t mind looking more sexy.

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