Why Krazy For Rugs Is Our Go-To For Vintage Rugs

In our previous home I had a vision for our primary bathroom makeover that was inspired by a gorgeous space designed by BrePurposed that I spotted on Pinterest. While our design turned out quite a bit differently, what I loved most about that room was the vintage runner. It grounded the room and the bold pattern made the perfect statement. After seeing it, I dove into the world of vintage rugs in search of something that would work for our bathroom and I discovered Krazy For Rugs.

Krazy For Rugs is a Charlotte-based company and the founder, Katie, specializes in handmade vintage Turkish and Persian rugs. I was overwhelmed by all of the various Etsy and eBay options out there, not knowing which suppliers were trust-worthy or how accurate their pictures were, so when I found out she was local I knew I had to reach out to her. It honestly all started over DM! I sent her a message saying I was looking for a vintage runner, what measurements could work, and the budget I was working with. She was able to send me several options and that’s how we landed on the beautiful red and navy 1930’s Persian runner. It was the perfect!

We’ve now moved to a new home and we’re slowly but surely furnishing it. As you know, rugs anchor a space and help make it feel cozy. Not to mention, they’re very practical when it comes to protecting our hardwood floors and adding more comfort under our feet. While we were able to relocate our existing vintage runner to the kitchen (still in love with it!), we really needed to prioritize finding a rug for our entryway.

We knew we wanted to work with Katie from Krazy For Rugs because of her incredible customer service, eye for beautiful rugs, and fair pricing. Plus, many of the rugs that she carries are 100% wool and they’re great for high-traffic areas. When I told her our needs, she had the perfect piece in mind.

Our entry rug is vintage, handmade wool and the size is 4′ 1″ x 8′ 9″. The odd size is actually one of the subtle joys of these rugs: you can usually find something that works for unusually shaped/sized areas because they’re not always in standard sizes. We knew we wanted our entry rug to fill that space between our formal living room and my office, as well as be close enough to the steps that no one will trip on it coming down. This one fit all of those needs!

It’s soft red base, tan and worn denim-colored accents helped warm up the space and highlighted our mahogany door. It isn’t too saturated, so it’s a subtle compliment to our entry area. Our rug is the epitome of function and beauty combined!

Let’s be real though: vintage rugs are an investment. I would be lying if I didn’t tell you that I had sticker shock when I first started researching them. Another reason I love Krazy For Rugs is not only is her pricing the best, she regularly runs special events where you can put offers in on rugs you love. She works with you on pricing! Katie also offers exclusive deals to members of her site and will offer deals each season. This is a great opportunity to support a small business and be a savvy shopper.

To stay in the loop of Krazy For Rugs sale events and more, follow her on Instagram, subscribe to her email list and create an account to her website.

The last thing I wanted to share about this rug is how we keep it from sliding around. If you’re following our home account on Instagram (@homebytherussells) then you know we recently had a new front door installed. Thankfully, it gave us some more clearance for a rug than our old one did. However, it is still too tight for us to put a non-stick pad under a rug and the thin, mesh ones have never really worked for us. So this time I used Gorilla Grip Rug Grippers from Amazon and they worked like a charm! Just simply peel off the paper back and apply them directly to your rug and floors. They stay in place perfectly! The grippers don’t leave a stick residue on your floors and if you need to move them for whatever reason (for example, to wash your rug) then gently peel them off then use a damp cloth to re-activate the adhesive.

Thank you for reading about our love for Krazy For Rugs and why we chose to work with them for our entry. If you have any questions about the products mentioned in this post please leave a comment below!

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