DIY Modern Vintage Bathroom Makeover

Since we moved into our house over 3 years ago I’ve been wanting to make changes to our primary bathroom. We purposefully selected the white tile, unfinished vanity and fixtures knowing that one day we would give it a makeover. I wanted it to feel like a cozy little retreat! After putting it off for far too long, Trent and I finally decided to make the transformation happen.

Over the last six months we have painted the walls, ceilings, and vanity, replaced mirrors and light fixtures, and added some extra accessories. Below are all the details of how we brought this to dream bathroom to life!

Before + Progress Photos

I knew right away there were three must-have items for my primary bathroom makeover:

  • Double Mirrors: The large panel mirror had to go! I wanted two individual mirrors above each sink and loved the look of hanging round mirrors for our space. While the original ones are sold out, you can buy a similar one here.
  • Antique Persian Rug: After digging through Pinterest for what seemed like hours I knew I loved this look, but couldn’t find anything reasonable in my price range. That was until I found Krazy For Rugs on Instagram! Read more about my experience with her below.
  • Floating Wood Shelves: If you’ve followed me on Instagram for a while then you may have seen some of my husband, Trent’s, woodworking. I knew I wanted him to build a beautiful set of shelves for above the tub that could hold essentials like bath salts, face towels and a few personal touches.

However, the first thing we had to do was get our walls and ceilings painted. Prior to this, they were still covered in the construction paint from when we first moved in. It took us a solid weekend to complete, but we repainted the walls and painted the unfinished cabinet ourselves:

After Makeover Photos

To remove the panel mirror above the vanity, we applied shipping tape across the entire front in case it cracked or shattered while being removed. Thankfully, it wasn’t glued to the wall so it came off fairly easily. Make sure that you have two people, one on either end, to remove a mirror of this size because they’re surprisingly heavy and can flex.

After painting the bathroom walls and covering any spots left from the old mirror, we were ready to hang our new round mirrors from Wayfair! We started by putting the wooden wall pegs in place, which we were able to buy through Amazon Prime. They’re a great price, easy to use and arrived quickly!

The original mirrors we used are sold out, but below is a similar style and price-point:

So let’s talk about the pièce de résistance – our antique Persian runner. I had my eye on a style like this for the bathroom, but it was way beyond my budget! Turns out antique Persian and Turkish rugs are highly sought-after and come with hefty price-points (often starting at $900 for small runners). I thought the dream was unattainable until I found Katie from Krazy For Rugs on Instagram!

First of all, her name told me everything I needed to know. As a rug obsessed person I knew I had found a kindred spirit right away. Katie was able to find the perfect rug for the space, originally made in the 1930’s, with beautiful rich reds and pops of teal all for a fraction of the price.

If you’re looking for a gorgeous, unique rug that will be a statement piece in your next design project I highly recommend Krazy For Rugs. You can shop her current inventory on or keep up with the latest and greatest @krazyforrugs on IG.

After installing the shelves above our tub, I was excited to add in useful bathroom accessories (like a metal bin to hold all of my face washcloths) and personal touches. Below are details to all of the items you see here.

Frames shown are in the 8″ x 8″, 5″ x 7″ and 11″ x 14″ sizes:

Potted cacti are from Charlotte Collective which is a boutique in Plaza Midwood that specializes in carrying products from local small businesses.

The glass canisters from Crate & Barrel come in several sizes. Shop the ones shown below:

Shop the remaining accessories here:

I’m so happy to finally be able to share this bathroom makeover with you! I hope it’s inspired you to take action on those DIY projects you’ve held off on or perhaps refresh your space.


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