SKIMS Fits Everybody Bandeau: Is It Worth The Hype?

skims fits everybody bandeau in mica on plus size maternity blogger

I’ve heard about the SKIMS Fits Everybody Bandeau for years, but the reviews I kept seeing were by women with smaller bust sizes than me. I had a hard time believing it could possibly provide the support I need. Between being a 38G/40E bra size, my teardrop shape and changes in breast tissue after nursing, I expect a lot out of my bras. Now that I’m halfway through my second pregnancy, my traditional underwire strapless bra has become uncomfortable to wear all day and I need another option. After wondering “what if” for so long about the SKIMS Fits Everybody Bandeau I decided to finally try it. Read on for my honest experience as I answer the question “is it really worth the hype?”

SKIMS Fits Everybody Bandeau comes in a wide range of colors majority of which are skin-tone focused, but there is always a rotating seasonal color palette, too. I went with the color MICA because I wanted something that would layer seamlessly under white tops and dresses. After poring over the size guide and product reviews, I noticed a trend of people sizing down for additional compression and support so I ordered size XL. I’m typically a dress size 14/16 and as previously mentioned my bra size is usually a 38G, sometimes a 40E, depending on the brand. Plus, let’s be real: our breasts fluctuate sizes throughout the month so I could even go down a cup size sometimes. One of the many reasons why bra shopping can be challenging!

My ThirdLove Bra Review and FitFinder Experience

skims fits everybody bandeau in mica on plus size maternity blogger

My first impression when I received the SKIMS Fits Everybody Bandeau: the fabric is as buttery soft as advertised, the color was perfect and the quality seemed great. My only concern was how small it was! Much like a lot of the Fits Everybody products they look small initially, but stretch to the perfect size when you put them on. It was time to do just that!

I’m officially going on record saying the SKIMS Fits Everybody Bandeau is a supportive strapless bra solution for larger bust sizes. I was absolutely blown away by it! Not only did the bandeau provide support, but I didn’t get “uniboob” (IYKYK), it held it’s shape all day AND it was so freakin’ comfortable! This mama isn’t going back to an underwire strapless bra the rest of her pregnancy!

skims fits everybody bandeau in mica on plus size maternity blogger
skims fits everybody bandeau in mica on plus size maternity blogger
skims fits everybody bandeau in mica side by side comparison underwire strapless bra vs. bandeau on plus size maternity blogger

To make sure I wasn’t entirely losing my mind I decided to do a side-by-side comparison above of my go-to strapless underwire bra (left) with the SKIMS Fits Everybody Bandeau (right). As you can see, while the shape each bra provides is slightly different since one is structured, the other is not, the overall support is VERY similar. There isn’t a noticeable difference that would keep me from wearing one vs. the other. The only factor that would is the shape provided. If I’m wearing a more structured top or dress or something with a v-neck, I may opt for the underwire bra. Otherwise, I’m going to choose the comfort of the bandeau whenever I can!

Obviously I’ll be ordering more of the Fits Everybody Bandeau, haha! I’ll also need to share an updated version of my blog post about my go-to undergarments for mid-size and plus size bodies. But what about the other SKIMS products? I’ve had the opportunity to try the Fits Everybody Thong, Fits Everybody T-shirt Bra, Cotton Jersey Cheeky Tanga and Cotton Plunge Bralette. I’ve had a mixed experience, but overall I want to continue to try more pieces from SKIMS because the items I enjoyed are things I will now be a loyal customer of (hint: this undergarment is a must have!). Keep an eye out for a second SKIMS blog post about these items with my honest review.

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