My Go-To Bras, Underwear and Shapewear for Mid and Plus Size

Plus size body positive and body confident model wearing Tommy John undergarments in rustic italian kitchen.

One of the most frequent questions I get is “What bra do you recommend?” Underwear and shapewear come right after that! Whether it’s full coverage, strapless or a comfy bralette, underwear that won’t roll down or something to smooth out lines under a fitted dress, finding the right undergarments for a curvy figure can be challenging. Why? Because there used to be very slim pickings when it came to pretty and functional undergarments for women with larger bodies. Thankfully that has changed in recent years (there’s still room for improvement though). Every body shape is so different that there isn’t ever a “one size fits all,” so it takes a lot of trial and error to find what best works for you!

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As someone who has always had a large chest I’ve done a lot of legwork over the years. The key to finding the right bra for you is getting REAL and JUDGEMENT FREE about your measurements. We’ve all been traumatized by a department store fitting gone wrong or the condescending tone of a particular Victoria Secret employee explaining they don’t carry your size (or is that just me?). It’s time to move beyond that and rise above. Your body, no matter what your measurements are, deserves quality, supportive and beautiful undergarments. Period.

Plus size body positive and body confident model wearing Tommy John undergarments in rustic italian kitchen.

Before you start shopping for bras I highly recommend doing a fitting at home for yourself. It really is key in finding your correct size. There is no shame in your bra size! It doesn’t matter if they’re bigger or smaller than your girlfriends, your sister or your partner. They’re uniquely beautiful and it’s time we find the right support for them.

If you’re intimidated by doing your own fitting or have a hard time with measurements, I highly recommend the ThirdLove online Fitting Room. This was actually the test that helped me come to terms with my true bra size. My breasts used to be one of my biggest insecurities, so for years I wore the wrong one because I was embarrassed about going beyond a DD. Using their online Fitting Room, ThirdLove introduced me to the beauty of the right fit, which was actually a 40E, and offered styles that helped me feel confident and sexy. It actually helped me finally embrace them as they are!

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Plus size body positive and body confident model wearing Tommy John undergarments in rustic italian kitchen.
Plus size body positive and body confident model wearing Tommy John undergarments in rustic italian kitchen.

My Favorite Bras

Below are some of my favorite bras that I wear throughout the year! Yes, there are a lot of ThirdLove bras because that’s where I’ve found the best fit for me. I love that the black lace balconette provides full coverage, but feels sexy and the lace lays flat so I don’t have to worry about lines or bulging. The ThirdLove strapless bra I always recommend, too! The larger sizes have a wider band and it’s truly the most comfortable strapless bras I’ve ever owned.

My Favorite Underwear

Is there anything more physically agitating than your underwear rolling down belly or sliding down your tush as you walk? OK, maybe there are a few things but you know where I’m going with this. That is one of my pet peeves when it comes to undergarments! They need to STAY PUT! Below are some of my favorite underwear for curvy figures that won’t budge and still look pretty. My go-to comfortable thong is from Cosabella, but I absolutely love my ThirdLove lace briefs. They’re the perfect balance of sexy and comfortable! The newest brand in my wardrobe is EBY and I was blown away by their silicone free, non-slip design. A must try for everyone! The Huha underwear is a revolutionary mineral underwear that features seamless gusset infused with zinc oxide. Zinc oxide is naturally antibacterial and odor-reducing!

Click to shop the Huha brief shown below.

My Favorite Shapewear

Now this opinion might be controversial, but I don’t believe you have to spend tons of money on shapewear to find a great product. In fact, some of my favorite shapewear has come from TJ Maxx and the brand has since worn off haha! Below are some of my favorite shapewear, including a set for under $20, that hopefully will help you find the right solution for you.

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