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I am obsessed with all things “wedding.”  Get me in a room full of brides and I want to hear every detail, down to the shape of their shoes and the flavor of their cake.  Before my own engagement was even a speck on my radar, I was drawn to bridal magazines and could pour over the beautiful images for hours.  There is something so magical about witnessing such a beautiful event uniting two people in love!  It’s an opportunity for them to express their love not only verbally, but also through their style, decor and music.  Each wedding is unique for that very reason.  However, it’s always good to know the latest trends and how they might work for your vision!  Which is why I’m thrilled to announce that for the next several weeks I will be covering my favorite trends, topics and tips for all things wedding every Wednesday, right here on

To kick-off our Wedding Wednesday series, I have the absolute pleasure of introducing my guest on the blog today: Jackie of Jackie Fogartie Events.  She is an incredibly talented wedding planner right here in the Queen City of Charlotte, NC, with years of experience and an excellent eye for design.  If you’re looking for a boss babe to make your big day happen, she’s your girl!  Today, in collaboration with myself and Carly from Bella Bridesmaids of Charlotte, Jackie will be sharing the top trends in bridesmaid dresses for 2019.  Read on to get the scoop and hear all the details straight from an industry professional.

photo by Julia Fay Photography

The Role of Bridesmaid Dresses in Wedding Design

Bridesmaid (BM) dresses can set the tone for your entire color palette, the accessories for the guys (i.e. pocket squares and ties), as well as linen choices. They also provide a backdrop for florals, so consider that when developing your bouquets, and can be the perfect pop of color!  Overall, consider your BM dresses an accent color within your entire color scheme.  Don’t be afraid to have fun with it!  For example, let’s say your favorite color is lavender, but you don’t want to have a 100% lavender themed wedding.  Let your BM dresses be the perfect pop of lavender to accent an otherwise neutral wedding palette!

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General Wedding Trends:

  • Minimalistic, Smaller, Intimate Weddings: Growing in popularity, the immediate benefits of elopement is lower cost and stress. I think its because people have gone to the over the top weddings and now that they are planning their own, they’re not willing to go through all that!  Plus, there’s something to be said about a small intimate setting in today’s world of instant and widespread access through social media.
  • Color: While the whites and greens, gold and blush had their place, I’m hoping for some color in 2019. Would love to see bright pops of color whether that is in BM dresses, florals, linens.
  • Personalization is Key: Find ways to incorporate personal touches that represent you as a couple, such as food stations that represent your hometown.
  • Big Escort Card Displays: This is another way to personalize–think maps, table assignments based on trips you’ve been (i.e. the Italy table versus Table #1).
  • Printed Goods: They are getting so creative and have become part of the tablescape design – acrylic table numbers, fun menu cards, wood pieces, etc.
  • Refreshments on Wheels: Mobile cocktail bars (like the Tipsy Gypsy Caravan or The Buffalo Airstream), mobile snack and food trucks are a fun way to feed and entertain guests.

Bottom line – my biggest tip is to be unique to you, don’t have your wedding be like everybody else’s!  You want people to walk away and say WOW – that wedding really felt like the couple! It was totally their style and vibe.  Focus on your style, your taste, and how you want to celebrate this incredible day with your guests.

General BM Dress trends 2019

  • Mismatched is here to stay.
  • Long dresses tend to be more popular than short, even during the summer months.
  • Neutrals – champagne, whites, pale pinks still trendy!
  • Unusual fabrics – I have seen velvet in some of the new lines and absolutely loved it!  Sequins, like the dress below, is a way to really make your bridal party shine.
  • More adventurous and trendy brides will choose rich colors from Pantone predictions for 2019: emerald greens/rich roses and ambers/blues.
  • Super-duper adventurous? Try two piece dress for your maids!

theia ‘bella’ stretch sequin gown // available at bella bridesmaid charlotte // crystal studs

Mismatched trend is here to stay, couple different ways to do it

  • Same dress in different colors. TIP: pick dress colors in coordinating shades/hues i.e. varying shades of berry tones, like Logan’s bridal party.
  • Same color with different necklines.
  • Same dress color in different styles.
  • Similar dress colors for most of your BMs, then have 2 girls in pattern, like the below floral.

To make sure the mismatched trend work, keep jewelry the same, shoes the same (or at least the same color shoes i.e. all wear silver strappy sandals). This keeps some consistency throughout your BM look.

Not into the mismatched look? You can still stay on trend by keeping all the BM dress colors and styles the same except have the Maid of Honor in a different dress.  Think different color, style or pattern.  Make your Maid of Honor stand out!

If you’re doing the mismatched trend, assign the necklines/styles or pick two-three shades to pick from. Instead of saying “find a black dress” or “find a navy dress,” narrow down options for your bridesmaids.  This keeps them from getting overwhelmed and lets you still have some control over the look without being a Bridezilla! You really do want everyone to be comfortable and feel their best – nobody likes an unhappy bridal party, and I promise you it will come through in your photos!

jenny yoo ‘alanna’ dress in ‘ohana’ print // also available in solid colors!

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katie may ‘liu’ gown in black // available at bella bridesmaid // check out the back detail!

As you can see, I was feeling this form fitting dress!  It flattered and hugged my curves, while keeping me comfortable in a lovely knit.  It’s perfect for a formal affair!

Note: Please keep in mind that these are samples, so we had to pin a few that weren’t quite my size, like the one above.  — lolo

shop katie may dresses

theia ‘allison‘ in ‘stone’ // belt + gown available at bella bridesmaid

Coordinating Mismatched Dresses in Photos:

Don’t worry about there being an uneven number of colors or styles and it looking awkward in photos, your photographer will consider this when positioning your Bridal Party for group photos. They will arrange each Bridesmaid so they are standing next to a complimentary color or style.

Brides stress because they want everything to look perfect up at the altar.  I often hear concerns like “what if there are two of the same necklines next to each other” or “what if it’s uneven.”  I say ignore that – your Maid of Honor is your most important bestie, you want her by your side no matter what.  Don’t worry about how that looks. A skilled photographer can make them look balanced and perfect in the posed bridal party photos.

– Jackie Forgartie of Jackie Fogartie Events

monique lhuillier ‘gwen’ // available at bella bridesmaids

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Thank you so much to Jackie and Bella Bridesmaids for collaborating with me on this post!  It was a blast working with you and I highly recommend them both as wedding professionals that will help make your vision come to life.  Below is more information so you can find them online and on social media.

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left: jackie, owner of jackie fogartie events // right: carly, owner of bella bridesmaids charlotte

If you have any questions about today’s post, please leave a comment below!  Make sure to keep up with our Wedding Wednesday series on the blog (subscribe here) and by using #WeddingWednesday on social media.

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