Our Secret to Never Mowing The Lawn Again

Trent and I have been diligently making our way down a long list of home projects and “to-do’s.”  After finally tacking our mess of a backyard and giving it a major facelift, we realized two things:

  1. Why didn’t we do this sooner?
  2. We are not yardwork enthusiasts.

Let’s focus on that last point.  We realized that we just do not enjoy yard work.  You won’t find us tending to high-maintenance plants, weeding to de-stress or lovingly gardening.  While all those things are wonderful and an absolutely privilege to have, it’s just not our forte. There is a long list of things, including chores, I would much rather spend my time doing.

Lawn maintenance is included in this category of “no, thank you.”  We love having a backyard but keeping up with the grass has been challenging, to say the least.  We knew cutting it more regularly would help it grow, but it was just never a priority.

Then we discovered the Landroid.  This brilliant piece of lawn equipment mows your grass for you, on an automated schedule tuned to your needs, complete with a mobile app and safety settings that take all the effort out of yard maintenance.  It’s like an automated vacuum robot for your house, but it mows your lawn instead.

The Landroid is by far the best piece of technology added to our home in 2020.  Gone are the days of having to worry about waking up early enough so you’re not drenched in sweat trying to mow in the Charlotte heat.  No more worrying about keeping an even height or missing spots.  Goodbye to wasting time and energy over grass.  This little machine has quietly and efficiently taken all of this off our hands. 

That being said, there are just a few aspects of the Landroid that may be challenging.

Setup can be time-consuming.  The steps themselves are straight-forward, but it can be arduous depending on the layout of your yard.  Just go in knowing that depending on the size of the area the Landroid will be running within, you could spend anywhere from a few hours to an entire weekend laying boundary lines and mapping out schedules.

Our back yard is approximately 1000 sq ft of lawn space with a combination of straight edges, curves and a few obstacles.  Its relatively simple.  It took one person 2 hours of non-stop work to setup.

The front yard was much more complicated.  It is larger, bisected by a driveway, has multiple flower beds and overall has an odd shape to it when you count the side yard area.  This took approximately 4-5 hours of non-stop work to setup properly.

But every single one of those hours were worth it when you think about the time, sweat and energy we are saving long term.

The other challenge we have found is with the mobile app usability.  While it is an easy way to keep track of your Landroid’s schedule and location, it is unfortunately not very intuitive. For example, if you have multiple Landroids (in our case, we have one for the front yard and one for the backyard), you can’t identify which machine you’re looking at when on the schedule page.  In short, the app works, but could be easier to use.  Overall, we don’t feel this is a deal breaker when it comes to purchasing the product – the benefits far out-way any pain points.

Our Landroids run every evening, after dark, for 20 minutes in the back yard and 45 minutes in the front yard.  By default the Landroid app will ask for the square footage of your yard and automatically calculate optimal run times, though we’ve found a little tweaking to the schedule has helped keep the front yard more evenly cut. We’ve been running them consistently for the last two months without issue and noticed an exceptional difference in the appearance and growth of our lawn.

If you’re worried about theft, there are options available to give you peace of mind.  Both of our Landroids are equipped with the optional GPS and cellular module, which allows continuous tracking through the app in the event that your Landroid is stolen.  We also have the app configured to send us alerts if either of the Landroids are picked up, turned upside down, or leave their boundaries. 

If you’re struggling to find time to really give your yard the love it needs or if you wish there was a way to magically take the task off your hands – look no further than the Landroid.  It will significantly reduce the hours spent maintaining your grass so you can spend more time enjoying it.  Learn more about Landroid features and where to buy on worx.com.

Thank you to Worx/Landroid for gifting this product to our family.  As always, thoughts and opinions are honest and my own.

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