Gifts of Clean Beauty from River Organics

I discovered River Organics at a Farmers’ Market in Ocean Isle this past summer while on vacation with my family.  I was so surprised to find this gem of a brand with quality, clean beauty products in such an unexpected place!  At the time, I purchased their after sun spray and their detangling hair mist.  Unfortunately these items are not currently available online, but take me for my word when I say they were fantastic!  Since then I’ve tried several more items from their line of products and have absolutely love them, so I wanted to share them with you: Aura Face Oil, Organic Tinted Lip Balm in Rose and Organic Tinted Lip Balm in Berry.

River Organics is a small batch, organic beauty company located in Wilmington, North Carolina.  It was founded by Corinne & Fabien, a husband and wife duo who are originally from Canada and France, respectively.  With Corinne’s eye for beauty and Fabien’s experience as a natural product chemist with Chanel in the South of France, they have developed a lovely line of products that feel luxurious while maintaining a level of environmental consciousness that we can all agree on.  In addition to using only organic ingredients, they also encourage customers to opt for a refill on body and facial oils, which are contained in recycled glass amber bottles, by offering a 30% discount.  Their lip balms come in recyclable kraft paper tubes and they use as little packaging materials as possible in an effort to reduce their footprint.

The Aura Face Oil has a beautiful citrus scent as it is crafted with blood orange essential oil, rose hip and carrot oil with a splash of Vitamin E.  This blend will brighten and smooth your complexion when used regularly.  Plus, the roll-on bottle is a brilliant idea for those who travel and makes the perfect stocking stuffer!  I recommend applying to cleansed skin at night (by itself or under a night cream) or use it for an added glow during the day under your makeup.  The lip balms are the perfect size to fit in your pocket, stash in a clutch, or keep tucked in a compartment of your handbag.  They’re coconut oil is moisturizing and I love the subtle scent from the cacao and mango together.  Each one adds just a touch of color to your lips while protecting them from any environmental stresses like sun, wind, or cold.  You can purchase them separately or buy them in a great little gift set like this one here and here.

I highly recommend giving the gift of clean beauty this season!  Whether it is as a stocking stuffer or a full cosmetic refresh for a loved one, it is something that you can feel good about giving for years to come.  If you would like to learn more about safer beauty and personal care alternatives, feel free to email me at or read more about why this movement is so important on the Beautycounter website.


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