Nordstrom Anniversary Shopping List

And Why I'm Not Actually Shopping The Sale

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I want to start this off by saying Daniel Levy in the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale catalog is everything.  Schitt’s Creek is by far my favorite comedy TV show since The Office and Brooklyn 99.  That’s saying something!  I’m actually re-watching it right now as I impatiently wait for the fourth season to come out on Netflix.  Dan Levy is stylish, charismatic, and the perfect way to start this sale off with a smile!  It’s cheesy, but true.  It really did make me smile and if you didn’t feel the same go watch Schitt’s Creek and then get back to me.

outfit from last year’s #NSale

On to what you’re all here for: my shopping list for the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale.  Early Access starts for Nordstrom card holders today, July 12, and public access is July 20-August 5.  I know what you’re thinking: “Logan, I’ve seen a million things about the #NSale, I’m tired of it before it’s even truly begun.  Why should I stick around?”

I’ll tell you why.  First of all, I want to be completely transparent with all of you.  I won’t actually be shopping the sale *GASP* and the reason why is because I don’t have the budget for it.  I’m a self-employed blogger who does freelance work as a personal shopper.  While this sounds amazing, and it truly is my dream job, it is also a growing small business.  Right now, I’m focusing on bringing in money to pay the bills and invest back into my businesses, so unfortunately I don’t have any extra money to spend on clothes at the moment.  I wish I could!  There are so many items I’m dying to have and style for you all.  I really wish that I was able to take advantage of this amazing sale and get some incredible looks for Fall, but it just isn’t the responsible move for me right now.  This is in no way me shaming anyone who can shop the sale, I just wanted to be transparent with my followers and let you know upfront that I won’t be purchasing product from the sale.  I also wanted to let you know that it’s OK if you’re like me and can’t drop a bunch of money at Nordstrom right now.  You have to make purchases when it’s right for you!

HOWEVER, I’m going to live vicariously through all of you who can shop and my lovely computer screen.  Even though I wont’ be purchasing anything, I have a wishlist of items I would buy if I could participate.  This is not a “if money were no object” kind of list.  My wishlist is a mix of price-points that can fit any budget and make sure you’re getting the best bang for your buck.  I broke it down into two categories: splurge and steal.  This way you can look at the investment pieces I recommend, as well as some of the inexpensive trend items you can have fun with this Fall!  In addition to a variety of price points, these items are great for curvy figures, especially my in-betweenies (10-14)!  It also includes items for plus sizes.  My list is short, sweet and to the point.  You don’t have to look at a million collages, I’m just listing brands and categories that I need most.  Let’s get started!

good american jeans from last year’s #NSale

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  • Good American jeans because their fit is phenomenal!  I love the way they hug my curves, offer so many great styles, and they’re available in a wide range of sizes.
  • Vince shoes are some of the most comfortable I own and worth every penny.  They’re expensive, so you definitely want to catch these deals!
  • Outerwear is usually the most expensive category, so look for items on sale between $75-$200.  A good quality coat goes a long way!  I’m currently obsessed with this ruby suede moto jacket (available in XXL!).
  • Free People anything.  I usually love their styles, but I can’t justify the price unless it’s on sale.
  • Spanx leggings are so comfortable and totally worth it.  I wore my faux leather ones like crazy last winter and wish I had bought them while they were on sale.  This year I want to try another style from them, maybe a moto legging or velvet!
  • Nike shoes for walking and cross-training workouts.  I like to wear them for boxing because they’re lightweight, but comfortable.


  • Dresses under $50, focusing mostly on day dresses.
  • BaubleBar jewelry is my favorite!  Great deal already, so on sale it’s even better.
  • Quay sunglasses are so cute, great value and quality for under $60.
  • Essential cardigans and fashion sweaters, with extra emphasis on the former because I can layer them so easily.
  • Shoes under $100 from brands like BP, Steve Madden, Vince Camuto and Halogen.
  • Handbags and accessories by Sole Society.  I already carry a bag (several) by them on a regular basis.  I love the quality of their faux leather, the styles are on-trend, and they’re so affordable!

Wanna know my real secret to shopping the Nordstrom Sale?  Prioritize and stay on budget.  Make the list of your must have items and maybe a few fun things, budget it out, and stick to it.  Know what items you can live without push come to shove.  Of course, you can always return what doesn’t work out or if you have buyer’s remorse, but it’s always best to try and avoid that from the get-go.  There is going to be a lot of pressure to shop the latest and greatest from Nordstrom.  While it’s a wonderful sale, it won’t be the last one.  Don’t kill yourself trying to keep up with the Joneses!  Just buy what you need, want and, most importantly, can afford.  That’s the best way to take advantage of this sale!

Hope you all found this list helpful in coming up with some ideas! I also hope that it made you feel a little more normal if you can’t go all-out and shop for an entire Fall wardrobe during the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale.  It’s OK!  You can be like me and drool over all the pretty items while you make responsible life decisions.

P.S. I wrote this post at about 2am.  So…hopefully it came off as delightfully candid and informative, not crazy.




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