Why I Love Good American Jeans

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We all know that denim can be more than challenging to shop for.  Oftentimes, I find myself going into a fitting room with twenty different pairs only to come out empty handed.  Regardless of your size, it doesn’t seem to be a good experience for anyone.  In the last several years I’ve made it my mission to find the perfect pair for women with curves, since finding the right fit for our body type seems to be elusive to some brands.  During the process, I decided it was time to look at those I consider an investment.  The right pair will last you for years, so I know it’s worth the splurge.  That’s when I bit the bullet and tried Good American.  Needless to say, I’ve been addicted ever since.

Good American is a brand co-founded by Khloe Kardashian and Emma Grede with a focus on providing denim for the modern woman.  It’s meant to have a curvier, sexy fit that highlights the beauty and strength of all shapes and sizes.  While Khloe is by far my favorite Kardashian sister, I was still initially skeptical of the brand because of the celebrity involvement.  Well after watching this brand unfold, seeing how much care goes into their design, and trying them on myself I can say this: I have never felt more empowered by a pair of jeans in my life.

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I know that statement might sound crazy, but it’s true.  First of all I love their campaigns.  It includes women of literally all shapes and sizes.  When I say this I mean the #GoodSquad ranges in size from 00-24.  This size range offering is really impressive because as you go up in size you have to adjust the garment pattern.  This doesn’t mean just “scaling up” a pattern, which could be compared to taking a picture and scaling it up: making something bigger, but keeping the same proportions.  The issue with this is that just because you get wider, doesn’t mean you get taller, right?  When the hip measurement gets bigger, the ankle measurement doesn’t necessarily maintain the same proportion.  So as you may have started to realize, this concept doesn’t really work well from a pattern-making standpoint.  When moving between missy sizes (0-12) and plus sizes (14-24) the fit completely changes.  Around size 14 you really have to develop a new pattern that will start to adjust for different proportions.  The fact that they are offering this size range speaks volumes to the amount of detail and care they’re putting into the fit of each pair of Good American jeans.

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I really can’t say enough great things.  Good American jeans accentuate curves, rather than masking them.  When I put them on I feel my confidence level immediately boosted because they hugged every curve just right.  I feel GOOD.  Better than good, I feel like I’m putting my best foot (or curve) forward.  They tout a “gapless waistband,” which is music to the ears of any girl with an hourglass figure.  They hug and lift you in all the right places so you look and feel your best.  If you’re looking for a pair of jeans to invest in, I highly recommend Good American jeans.  You’ve seen me wear them in the past and you’ll continue to see them going forward as I spread the word about how fantastic they are.

As always, if you have any questions about the products featured in today’s post feel free to leave a comment below.  Until next time, have a wonderful day!

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