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Everyone has something in their home that they just can’t get enough of.  For some, it’s fresh flowers or throw pillows.  As for me, I have two home necessities: books and candles.  Both are fairly personal when it comes to choosing an item from that category.  Not everyone likes the same topics or the same scents.  For example, I cannot tolerate heavy floral fragrances.  Give me one and I promise you it will become a re-giftable item right away.  Otherwise I’ll be walking around with a headache or it will sit there and collect dust.  My fragrance personality is more along the lines of spices, woods, citrus, or amber.  So when I heard that Charleston Candle Company was releasing their Fall Collection I knew I had to try one of their amazing scents!  That’s when I found their East Bay Bourbon Cider candle.  (insert heart eyes here)

Charleston Candle Co. is located in the wonderful city of Charleston, SC, where they create small batch, hand poured natural soy wax candles.  Owner and founder, Kristen Schwiers, develops each scent inspired by the history and culture of the Lowcountry.  It is an iconic place.  The magic of Charleston is something I hope you will all be able to enjoy at some point, but in the meantime these candles can share a bit of the area’s essence with you.  I chose this particular scent because 1) I love bourbon and 2) nothing says Fall like warm apple cider.  If you aren’t a bourbon fan (P.S. you’re crazy!), you will still love this fragrance because the combination of sweet bourbon, warm spices, and apple is the perfect scent for Fall.

The East Bay Bourbon Cider candle brings back memories of my college days in Savannah, GA, and even those in the mountains of North Carolina where I grew up.  All of the places that have felt like “home” at some point in my life come to mind because this scent is truly an olfactory experience of classic Southern elements.  It is comfort in a candle.  Burning it instantly transports you to a world of cool weather, leather boots, crisp leaves and the smell of burning wood.  I want to curl up in a cozy blanket with a great book and forget all the stress.  If a candle can do that, then I’m sold!

Please take a moment to explore the Fall Collection below or on their website at  There are so many amazing scents.  You won’t be disappointed!

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