Clean Beauty Gift Guide

Whether you’re a clean beauty connoisseur or you’re just wanting to try some beautiful, yet safer, products this post is for you.  They’re also a great way to introduce clean beauty to a loved one as a little stocking stuffer or a convenient set that could change their routine forever.  Below are some of my favorite gifts in clean skincare and makeup.  I highly encourage you to consider the “one for me, one for you” rule of gift giving when it comes to this post.


jade roller // silk eye mask // detox travel set // hair mask // overnight peel // clay soap // rosewater mist // coconut scrub // dry brush // facial oil

Ok so let’ start from the top and chat about a few of these: if you watch my IG stories then you know I love jade rollers.  I talk about all the benefits of using them in this post, but in short they increase circulation, promote drainage, and allover help fight signs of aging.

I buy majority of my beauty and personal care products from either goop or Beautycounter because I can trust that their high-performance and non-toxic.  The goop G-Tox Travel Set is the perfect gift for someone who is obsessed with their products (like me!) or who in general loves to pamper themselves.   It includes one of my absolute favorite products, the G-Tox Charcoal Bath Soak, and a new one I’ve recently tried which is the Himalayan Salt Scalp Scrub Shampoo.  The latter exfoliates and cleanses, getting rid of dry skin and product build-up.


From Beautycounter, the Nourishing Rosewater Mist is a fantastic gift because it’s multi-functional: toner, makeup setting spray, and refreshing mist throughout the day.  When I was traveling for work I would keep it on-hand so I could revitalize my skin on-the-go after being on a plane or running around New York City.  Celebrities like Ashley Graham swear by rosewater because of it’s incredible benefits and so do I.  This is by far my favorite one because the ingredients are clean and powerful.  I use it daily!

You know I also love their No. 3 Balancing Facial Oil, however, another facial oil I’ve been dying to try is this one from Mara.  From what I hear it is incredibly luxurious and contains a very special algae that’s supposed to be a total game changer.  I’ve followed the founder, Allison McNamara, on Instagram for a long time and I’ll trust any product she uses because her skin is flawless!

Lastly, exfoliation is key especially during the winter months.  Dry brushing is a new trend that is quickly becoming another beauty essential, so I found a great deal on Amazon that makes the perfect stocking stuffer.  If you are interested in a more traditional means of exfoliation, I highly recommend the Kopari Coconut Crush Scrub.  It’s thick, works like a charm and is super hydrating.



romantic eyeshadow palette // serum foundation // lip + cheek stain // highlighter trio // makeup palette // lipstick gift set // essential brush set

I personally own a few of the items above and all the rest are absolutely 100% n my Christmas list this year.  I’m obsessed with both of the eyeshadow palettes because their formulas are luxurious and beautiful, but don’t include over 1,400 ingredients that are banned by the European Union (only approximately 30 are banned by the U.S.  The Beautycounter Romantic Eyeshadow Palette contains nine gorgeous shades of plums, pinks and golds.  The PYT Beauty palette is a little different in that it contains eyeshadow, as well as two face powders: one for setting makeup, particularly under your eye, and a beautiful pink-toned highlighter.

Bite Beauty lip products are by far some of my favorites.  They have a huge range of shades in their classic lipstick, so this gift set is the perfect way to get a little bit of their best sellers.  I share more about this brand at the bottom of my blog post about Kendra Scott.

I’ve been searching for a nice, yet not horribly expensive, makeup brush set to replace some of my older pieces.  I still have makeup brushes from when I was first allowed to wear it…when I was 14.  Really have to give MAC a hand for creating a product that can last that long!  This set from Anthropologie contains eight essential brushes, is vegan, and made in the U.S.  Plus, it comes with a really cute white and rose gold makeup bag that make packing them a breeze.

I hope you’ve enjoyed my clean beauty gift guide and found a few things for your loved ones this season and maybe a few things for yourself.  If you have any questions about the products from today’s post, simply leave a comment below and I will respond as soon as I can.

P.S. Happy Friday!

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