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I didn’t really get into shopping for denim until the last year or two when I finally started embracing my curves.  For some reason, denim always seemed intimidating.  I think because majority of us have all been through the hellish experience of shopping for jeans, how you walk in the fitting room with 20 pairs and don’t come out with a single one, and ultimately you don’t even want to think about trying denim shorts or skirts next.  As someone who has always been in-between sizes that were higher on the scale, it made it even more frustrating.  Thankfully, more brands like Express are starting to realize that women with curves have been severely under-served.  We’ve been starved of fashion-forward items, flexible fits, and a full range of sizes.  They’ve begun to offer extended sizes to cater to that market and it’s finally opened up a world of options for women with curves.

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In a recent post, I talked about how Express is now offering sizes 00-18 in-store and online.  While this isn’t entirely inclusive, it’s a great start!  I’m able to shop more for myself and help all of you find more trendy items and basics to add to your wardrobe.  Express jeans are some of my favorites because the fit is great for curves and it’s affordable.  So when I was on the hunt for a distressed denim mini skirt it was the first place I looked.

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Like their jeans, the skirt fit my curves perfectly!  However, I did have to go up a size because this particular style is 100% cotton.  This means that the denim doesn’t have a lot of give, so sometimes you have to go up a size or two.  The key to any denim piece when it comes to sizing is knowing what the composition is.  If it’s pure cotton it will be more stiff, won’t have any stretch  and will need time to be broken in.  Once you do that, they are very comfortable and super durable.  Plus, the mold to your body for the perfect fit!  I usually end up going up a size in these styles.  If it is a cotton/spandex blend, it will be comfortable from the start and hug every curve.  Watch out though because sometimes if they have too much spandex they “grow as you wear them”  and by the end of the day they’re sagging.  Just make sure to do your research and wear them around the house with the tags on if you’re worried.  Depending on the percentage of spandex you may need to size down, but typically they fit true-to-size (TTS).

outfit details: striped t-shirt // denim skirt // similar shoes here + here // sunglasses // handbag

I’ve styled my ripped denim mini skirt with a classic striped tee and an easy pair of slip-on sneakers.  Unfortunately the sneakers are an old pair from ASOS, but I linked some similar ones for you above.  In addition to the distressing, I also love the raw edge hem and waistband.  You could show off those details by pairing it back to a body suit or fitted tank.  I’m already planning on wearing it to a concert or two and a night out!  Honestly, there are a lot of ways to style this skirt, but my go-to will be this easy casual look.

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