Newborn Must Have Items

The amount of product on the market for newborns is daunting. From millions of pacifier styles to choosing between traditional swaddles or velcro, the options are seemingly endless. On top of that, each baby is different so you never know what they’re going to like! This makes preparing for your little one to arrive easily overwhelming. After the first couple of months with Olivia I found myself realizing what necessities I truly needed, what brilliant inventions have made our life easier and what was worth investing in. Below is a collection of out “must have” items for newborns. I hope this helps make life a bit less stressful!

Moses Basket: The joy of a Moses basket is not only can you use it as your bassinet, but you’re able to move it from room-to-room which comes in handy! If I wanted her to take a nap in the bedroom so I could work on something in the nursery it was an easy transition. Have laundry to fold but need to keep an eye on her? Pull her into the living room. We went with the Design Dua Moses basket because it’s handmade, the craftsmanship is beautiful and their products came highly recommended from friends!

Swaddles: Oh, the swaddle struggle. There are so many to choose from and if your baby is a magician like Olivia there’s almost nothing that will keep their little arms in. We tried several different types and our favorites are the Little Unicorn muslin swaddles (which can also be used as blankets) and the SwaddleMe velcro swaddles. Each have pros and cons. The velcro style is by far the easiest to use, but the muslin is very breathable, come in gorgeous prints and you don’t have to worry about sizing.

Hello Bello Diaper Bundle: Hello Bello diapers are by far our favorite brand. They’re non-toxic, soft, fit great and absorbent. Trust me – Olivia has some very large “blow-out” situations and none of them happened in the Hello Bello diapers. Plus, the prints are adorable! We also use their water wipes, baby powder and vitamins.

Changing Pad: Olivia LOVES the Naturepedic changing pad! Girl giggles, happily lets us change her diaper (for the most part) and could chill there during her entire wake period. Our theory is that it’s comfortable and contours to her body, which makes her feel secure. Why we chose it: it’s made of certified organic cotton and has a clear waterproof coating made from non-GMO sugarcane. We’ve also found it very easy to clean!

Portable Sound Machine: Every. Mama. Needs. This. The Rohm portable sound machine has made trips in the car and long walks soooo much easier. It helps create the perfect sleep environment on the go!

Beautycounter Balm: We use this Baby Daily Protective Balm as part of our nighttime routine or if her diaper area gets irritated. We’ve even put it on a few dry skin spots! It works like a charm. Hydrating, gentle and uses the most clean ingredients. It’s an especially nice option if your baby (like ours) is sensitive to zinc which is commonly found in diaper creams, but not in this balm.

Vava Baby Monitor: We poured through all the reviews online of various baby monitors and ultimately chose the Vava system after a family recommendation. It is fantastic! Great value and great video quality. It was easy to set-up and we like the fact that it doesn’t require WiFi in case we don’t have access on trips.

Burt’s Bees Baby Bodysuits + More: We have Burt’s Bees Baby clothing, changing pad covers and sheets, all of which I highly recommend! We love that their products are organic, good quality and the materials are always soft.

I hope this quick guide of our favorite newborn products help you prepare for your little one or find something new to manage this wonderful (and exhausting) time in life. Hang in there mama!

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