The Safer Charcoal Toothpaste You Need to Try

Through the last several years I’ve started to clean out my beauty and personal care products to safer options wherever I can.  I’m certainly not perfect, but any progress I can make it one less toxic product potentially hurting my body in the long-run.  One of the most recent things I’ve been searching for in this clean swap quest is a safer toothpaste.  Most toothpastes contain sodium laurel sulfate (SLS) or sodium laureth sulfate (SLES) which are surfactants that typically act as detergents, emulsifiers and foaming agents.  They’re also commonly found in soaps, shampoos and bubble bath products.  The troubling part is that these ingredients can cause skin irritation or trigger allergies. SLES is often contaminated with 1,4-dioxane, which is a byproduct of ethoxylation, a petrochemical process used make chemicals less harsh. Knowing this, I wanted to find a toothpaste that could do both: whiten my teeth and clean them SLS free.

That’s why I was excited to try Tom’s of Maine Charcoal Toothpaste and participate in their #NotAfraidOfTheDark campaign.  It’s safer formula combines the whitening power of activated charcoal with a safer formula free of SLS and fluoride.  The “dark” part comes from the natural black color that’s frankly, when applied, a little spooky!

After using it for the last couple of weeks I’ve definitely noticed an improvement in the brightness of my teeth and I absolutely love the fresh peppermint flavor.  I’ve tried other charcoal toothpaste brands in the past and they made an absolute mess.  Picture black watermarks on your white sinks and mirrors.  It was frustrating to constantly be cleaning up, to say the least.  However, I found that the Tom’s of Maine formula wasn’t nearly as messy and gave me all of the great results I would expect from an activated charcoal empowered toothpaste.

If you want to try Tom’s of Maine Charcoal Toothpaste you can purchase it through several major retailers like Target, Walmart or CVS.

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