the modern pearl

As a southern woman, I grew up knowing pearls as an iconic symbol of classic style. My mother wears them effortlessly, as did my grandmother who gave my sister and I our first pearl necklaces: one pearl on a fine chain. Each year on our birthdays and special holidays she would give us a pearl to add to our strand until one day we would have a full set.  Once a year, my mother would gather the pearls we had received as gifts and take them to the jeweler to be added to each of our chains. These necklaces became a special tradition that my aunts carried on, after my grandmother passed, until our 18th birthdays.  On special occasions, when my sister and I were little, my mother would take out those pearl necklaces and, after placing them around our necks, remind us that “Girls, we have our pearls on so what does that mean? We act like young ladies.” It was the best way for her to convey to us that we needed to be on our best behavior. I also firmly believe that it taught us the value of tradition and respect for those special things in life.  Every time I look at those pearls I remember my grandmother and the memories we created together.

As I got older, I realized that pearls in the classic sense weren’t exactly my style; much to my mother’s chagrin. While I love them, we just don’t quite go together. Thankfully there are plenty of options that are just outside the box enough to strike my fancy. The modern pearl is a huge trend in jewelry at the moment. Designers have recreated a classic to be edgy, intriguing, and available in a variety of price ranges. From fresh to faux, I’ve put together an assortment of my favorite items from this trend. While it’s easy to don them with a classic little black dress, don’t be afraid to pair these items with a white t-shirt and jeans or even a leather moto-jacket. Think modern pearl.

1. kate spade collar necklace 2. gemma simone cuff 3. warehouse lariat necklace
4. rebecca minkoff cuff 5. oscar de la renta ring 6. dettagli ring 7. natasha triangle bracelet 8. rebecca minkoff ring 9. auden ear climber 10. rosantica ear cuff
11. kenneth jay lane earrings 12. oscar de la renta tassel necklace

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