shearling + chambray

shearling vest (similar) // chambray shirt (similar) // fringe crossbody
pearl bracelet // booties (similar) // pearl earrings (similar)

The snow storm that hit Charlotte was wonderful, but far too short.  Everyone got Friday off when the worst of it hit.  Now that it’s Sunday almost all of the snow has melted and we find ourselves facing another work week.  The bright side: today our Panthers face Arizona in the NFC Championship and, should we win, this will be a historic moment for Carolina!  2004 was the last time the Panthers made it to the Super Bowl where they ultimately lost to the Patriots by a mere 3 points.  No one can forget the MAJOR wardrobe malfunction that occurred during half-time where Justin Timberlake “accidentally” exposed way too much of Janet Jackson for the crowd.  Thank goodness for pasties, amiright?

Back to what I originally wanted to talk about: shearling and chambray, plus a little added fringe bonus.  This vest is surprisingly warm despite how thin it is and by far one of my favorite items of the season.  It pairs perfectly with everything from a casual shirt to a LBD for a night out.  On top of that it has extra large arm hole openings so you don’t feel uncomfortable when layering it with other items.  This Vince chambray button down is a great layering piece that will take you through every season.  I think it adds a nice casual touch to the vest so it doesn’t look too fussy.  Pair it with these double-ended pearl earrings and you have a classic, casual look.

This fringe bag is the fun part!  It was a really killer deal from Nordstrom.  Under $30 and the quality of the faux leather is amazing!  You can adjust the shoulder strap so that it can be worn as a shoulder bag or a true cross-body.  I’m on the short side so I had to adjust it quite a bit in order for it to hit me at the right place, but that’s the joy of it.  I love the movement that Trent [photog] captured in the close-up shot below.  This bag really can be worn both day and night.  It’s great for everything from hitting the bars with friends to brunch the next morning!  Make sure you check the links above so you can enjoy it as much as I do!

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