embellished free people jacket

I’ve been thinking more lately about “investment pieces” in my closet.  I can’t say that I have very many of them because I’ve been caught up in the fast fashion cycle.  When I shop I’m primarily focused on getting great trend items, not necessarily staple pieces that will last decades.  Some people may not consider Free People an investment brand.  However, for me it is because the price point is about double of what I would usually spend on clothing.  So when I saw this jacket I knew that I had to have it and that it would be worth every penny because I would have it for years to come.

Not only should you love your investment pieces, but you should see a future with them.  They’re like a marriage: if you don’t want to spend the rest of your life with them, love them, care for them (i.e. pay for dry cleaning) and be ready to mend them when they fall apart (thankfully I have an armory of beads and buttons in my office) then you shouldn’t purchase them.  I definitely saw a future with this embellished Free People jacket!  Right now I’m wearing it as a lightweight third piece to throw on when Summer nights might get a little chilly in my shorts and cami.  I also love how my mirrored sunglasses from zaful.com go perfectly with it because the gold ties back to the beading.  I can also pair it with a black dress and booties for a killer night out or maybe just throw it on over a t-shirt and leggings when we’re traveling.  I know with time the styles will change and I can find ways to work it in with the latest trends.

embellished jacket // black cami // distressed shorts // mirror sunglasses // lace-up sandals

One of my sisters displays the textbook symptoms of buyer’s remorse with about 60% of her purchases.  I won’t say which one, but let’s just say I’m happy to wear her clothes for her!  Thankfully I’ve never had this issue.  If anything it’s the opposite!  Which is honestly why I should spend more of my money on investment pieces like this military-inspired jacket that I’ll wear for years versus fast fashion items that might last me a few months.  It’s initially scary forking over the extra money to fund those purchases, but once you wear that item you know you made the right decision.

Hope everyone has a wonderful Friday and a great weekend!

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