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Happy Monday!  I like to start the week by refreshing my routines and making sure to start off on the right track.  This process usually starts on Sunday: go to the grocer store, do laundry, tidy the house etc; then the next morning it feels so good to have a fresh start!  I am most certainly a creature of habit, so when I don’t get to do this I feel like my world is in chaos.  However, that doesn’t mean I always practice healthy habits.  I’ve realized that there are a few things in my daily routine that need to be altered.  For instance, on Sundays I go to the grocery store with the mindset of “I’m going to go home and prep meals for the week so I can stay on track.”  Lately I just go to the store and by the time I make it home I just want to relax, so I procrastinate and ultimately say “I’ll do it tomorrow.”  Guess what?  It doesn’t happen tomorrow.  So I’ve tried to be better about not pushing that off and dedicating that time to really prep my meals so I can meet my goals.

Another one of my routines that needs to be tweaked is my skincare routine.  The last year I’ve really honed in on having a solid skin care regimen in general.  You all know by now that I love Beautycounter and have chosen to be a Consultant for them because I believe in both their mission and their products. But I still have one bad habit I haven’t been able to break: sleeping in my makeup.  I know, it’s terrible!  Not washing your makeup off is a sure-fire way to not only ask for breakouts, but also to accelerate the development of fine lines and wrinkles.  Plus, it’s a little unsanitary!  No one likes raccoon eyes in the  morning.

Part of the reason I was so bad about this is because I couldn’t find a makeup remover that I felt comfortable using.  They all burned my eyes or made my skin feel so oily and gross afterward that I couldn’t wait to wash it off.  I remember my mom saying to me once “if you’re using that stuff, make sure you wash it off immediately!”  I always followed that rule and then I eventually stopped trying to use them because they were so irritating to my skin and eyes.  Thankfully, my Beautycounter Nourishing Cream Cleanser did a pretty good job of getting it off, but sometimes if I applied more makeup than usual (for an event or date night) there would be still be some leftover residue.  This is why I was SO excited when Beautycounter announced their brand new Instant Eye Makeup Remover!

Seriously, this stuff is amazing!  It’s made with coconut and macadamia oils that work to break down pigments and soothe delicate skin with cornflower extract.  It has an innovative dual-phase formula that will even remove long-wear and waterproof products.  Plus, it’s ophthalmologist tested and approved!  Because it contains both water and all those yummy oils it does separate, so before you use it just give it a gentle shake to activate!  Apply the makeup remover to a cotton pad, then gently swipe it across your eyelids.  To remove stubborn eye makeup (i.e. long-wear or waterproof products) just press and hold the saturated pad over your eyes for a few seconds first.  It can also be used all over your face and your lips.  It’s made without mineral oil or silicones, as well as 1,500 other questionable or harmful ingredients from our Never List, including the more than 1,400 that are banned or restricted by the European Union.

As proof to how powerful it is, I even tested it with one of my friend’s LipSense lipstick.  I’m not sure if you have ever used this stuff, but it definitely stays on all night long and then some.  We went to a concert this weekend and it lasted without reapplication from 7pm-2am (and endured multiple beverages, singing, sweat, etc during that time).  From her personal accounts, she says it will even be on when you wake up in the morning!  However, I wanted to remove that stuff as soon as we got home because honestly that weirds me out.  It isn’t a product I would feel comfortable using regularly.  So I applied my Beautycounter makeup remover to a cotton pad and it only took 3 swipes across to get it off!  I’m sure if I had held the pad over my lips for a few seconds it would have come off in one fell swoop.  Like I said: amazing!

I’ve linked this wonderful, safe makeup remover so you can shop it directly from this post!  I’ve also included some of my other favorite Beautycounter products, including my daily routine.

Have a great week!

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