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One of the most popular topics this time of year is how to transition your closet from Winter to Spring.  Everyone has a different way they like to do it, but for me there are several key elements that make the process seamless and cost-friendly.  To help me with this post, I partnered with Burkes Outlet to bring you the best deals for your wardrobe needs.  Read on for all the details and my top picks to help you transition to Spring.

3 Must-Have Items for Transitioning to Spring

  • Versatile Jackets
  • Knit Jumpsuits & Dresses
  • Lightweight Sweaters

A versatile jacket goes a long way and one of my favorite examples is a denim jacket.  There are so many interpretations: classic utility, distressed, boyfriend and a variety of washes.  The important part is that you can easily layer it over any outfit.  A denim jacket is lightweight enough to carry around or wrap around your waist during the afternoon when it’s warm, then throw on morning and evening when the weather cools down.  One of the biggest challenges during this transition time period is the up-and-down temperatures throughout the day, so having something like a denim jacket with you will keep you prepared for anything.

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Jumpsuits and dresses are what I like to call the “30 second outfit.”  They can be worn alone or under a lightweight jacket, like I mentioned above, and simplify your wardrobe decisions.  Knit versions, in particular, are great for this time of year because they’re easy to layer and breathable.  This striped knit jumpsuit from Burkes Outlet is perfect for transitioning to spring because it keeps me covered just enough to stay warm but is breathable for when the sun decides to come out.  I love the stripe print and that I can effortlessly wear it from the office to dinner.

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Lightweight, Spring-forward sweaters are the final piece of the puzzle.  My short-sleeve white sweater is a great example of this: thin yet cozy, in a color that’s in line with the coming season.  I’ve paired it back to a red midi skirt and white sneakers to keep the overall look bright and colorful.  Other key sweater colors to start looking for include lilac, light blue and soft greys.

Burkes Outlet is a wonderful source for fashion finds on a budget.  I found both looks, head to toe, for less than $100 combined and still had some money to spare for a few extra pairs of shoes.   Items at Burkes Outlet sell quickly, so I’ve linked similar ones for you to shop.  I also pulled together some more items below from my three must-have categories so that you can find the right pieces to transition your wardrobe from Winter to Spring.

I hope you found this post helpful!  If you have any questions about this topic, feel free to leave a comment below and I’ll answer as soon as possible.

Thank you to Burkes Outlet for sponsoring this post.  As always, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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