Wearing Crop Tops with Confidence

If there has been one constant in the history of fashion, it’s the limitations that have been put on what women “should” wear and what is considered appropriate for each body type.  We have been led to believe that only women of a certain size could wear the latest trends and be an image of high fashion.  However, over the last year or two the words of voices longing to be heard have finally begun to sink in amongst the female community through size inclusive activists, body positive blogs, and social media that women of all sizes should be celebrated.  Our personal style can and should embody who we are, our confidence and our beauty inside and out regardless of that number on our clothing tags.

Unfortunately, there are still many of us who continue to hold back.  Making the choice to wear what you want, with freedom and confidence, and following through are two very different things.  Why?  Because fear keeps us from embracing our bodies.  Fear that others will not accept us, that someone will have a negative reaction, ridicule or humiliate us and ultimately lead us to the worst fear of all: not accepting ourselves.

I wasn’t always confident in my body.  In fact, it wasn’t until a couple years ago that I finally began to accept myself for who I am and learned through daily work to love every curve, dimple and imperfection.  Trust me when I say that this mystical “body positive” mind set can be achieved!  You can step outside of your comfort zone and choose to honor yourself as you show up in this moment, right now, at this weight, size, race, height, and capability.  All you must do is make the conscious choice to commit to loving yourself.

There are many examples of how society’s standards and the fashion industry have contributed to the suppression of women’s self-confidence and person style.  However, the one I want to talk about today is the ever-inaccessible crop top.  In the past, crop tops were the elusive skinny girl fashion item that has been marketed as being only for those with flat stomachs and of a certain age (i.e. teenager or 20-something).  How dare anyone show off a midriff that was soft, dimpled or round!  Such a simple item of clothing became a terrifying, untouchable thing for anyone with curves.  I know I used to laugh at the thought of wearing one!  I never thought in a million years that I would dare to put one on without having hit my “goal weight,” let alone go out in public and feel confident!  On top of that, I never imagined in my wildest dreams that a brand would offer something like a crop top in my size.

Flash-forward to today, where brands like Showpo are breaking through those glass ceilings and presenting the industry with a size inclusive ideal.  It brings me so much joy!

When I finally decided to put my big-girl panties on and finally try a crop top, I went straight to Showpo because I knew they had amazing options.  I absolutely love scrolling through the Australian-based brand’s website that is revolutionizing fashion by offering the same look from size 0-24, shown on two different models under the same listing.  You can shop all sizes under one virtual roof, with easy navigation and visuals that would excite any trend lover!

I found an adorable off the shoulder set with ruffle details and the cutest high-waisted skirt.  I love that it isn’t too short, you can adjust the crop top to your comfort level and show as much or as little midriff as you like.  As soon as I put this look on, I felt like a total babe!

shop the look

outfit details: denim jacket // crop top set // handbag // zodiac necklace

Here’s the key to easing into crop tops if you don’t feel 100% confident about it:

  • Make the choice to celebrate your size. That includes choosing to rock fun items you’ve always wanted to but felt like you couldn’t out of fear.  This will always be my #1 piece of advice.
  • Pair them with lightweight jackets, kimonos or cardigans so you can show off a piece of midriff without feeling totally exposed right off the bat.
  • Wear your crop top with a high-waisted skirt that highlights your curves and makes you feel comfortable.

I hope that this gives you the nudge you needed to try something new and have fun with fashion again.  Today is always the best time to let go of fear and try something, like a crop top, that you’ve deprived yourself of.  I believe in you, but it’s time to believe in yourself and start celebrating your body, no matter what season it may be in!

In fact, I have the perfect opportunity for you to treat yourself to something special, from another great size inclusive brand.


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