Practice Makes Perfect…or Something Like That

Is there really such thing as perfection?  In my mind, there is always something to be improved, something to adjust or slightly alter.  I can never quite mark something as “perfect” for that reason, but that doesn’t mean I won’t still try to get there.  Let’s instead shift our mindset away from the “perfect” part of this statement and focus instead on “practice.”  There are certain daily practices that have recently been pushed to the side and I’d like to talk about why I’m trying to get back on track.

While on our beach vacation, Trent and I realized that we both weren’t feeling our best.  After some discussion, we realized that it was because we haven’t been treating our bodies right.  We were off our exercise routine, eating out more than usual and generally not living a very healthy lifestyle.  In addition to that negatively affecting our bodies, it started to impact our mental and emotional health, too.  So we have set out to reincorporate some of those healthy daily practices by taking better care of our bodies so we can feel like the best versions of ourselves.

This doesn’t mean we necessarily need or want to lose weight.  We both just want to be healthier so that we feel our best.  For us, this usually means exercising daily, eating whole foods and meals that we make at home, and watching our alcohol intake.  Another practice that helps me stay on track is meditation, which has also gone by the wayside, and doing yoga as part of my exercise routine.  I spoke a little bit about the affects of meditation and self-awareness on confidence in my last blog post.

The last several weeks, I haven’t been feeling confident.  I find myself battling that inner mean girl more often than usual and really having to mindfully practice self-love.  Yes, I’ve put on a little weight, but I’m no longer tied to that number.  The source of this negativity is coming from not treating my body right.  If you don’t treat your body with respect in your daily habits, then how can you mentally and emotionally treat it with respect?

Yoga has this magical way of making you feel nourished and that, despite the struggles and challenges, you are respecting your body and mind by taking the time to practice.

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We have to remember how real that mind-body connection is and the last couple of weeks have really reinforced that for me!  Which makes reincorporating yoga even more important right now: it’s a moment in time where I can really focus my energy inward, be quiet in my mind, celebrate the strength of my body, and practice meditation.  That mindfulness will help boost my confidence and hold me accountable for the decisions I make every day, whether it be about food, fitness, work, or relationships.  Not only that, but there is no “perfect” in yoga.  As it is in life, you just keep growing and progressing with practice.

Are there any daily practices or routines that you do to help feel like the best version of yourself or stay on track with your goals?  If so, I’d love to hear about them!  Please comment below this post with what has worked for you so that others can try it out.

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