Staying Hydrated with Nalgene

I’ve used Nalgene water bottles for over a decade.   I’m not kidding!  As much as I hate how fast time has gone by, I’ve used them since I was a kid.  My family always knew that they were reliable, tough, and the perfect water bottle to take on hikes or use throughout the day.  Their water bottles are BPA free and dishwasher safe. I recently tried their narrow mouth 32oz canteen and I can’t say enough great things!

I use my Nalgene to effortlessly keep track of my water intake throughout the day.  I try to drink about a gallon a day, which is four of the 32oz Nalgene bottles.  It goes everywhere with me: the office, gym, lake and in the car.  It keeps my beverages cool and never leaks.  Plus, its pink glitter!  Who doesn’t love that?

Outfit Details : tank // sports bra // crop leggings // fitbit charge HR // sunglasses // running shoes // ‘fire pink’ nalgene

Here are some fun facts from the Nalgene website that I wanted to share with you (all facts below are quoted from this page):

Use a Nalgene bottle instead of a disposable bottle and in 1 year you’ll save 167 bottles from landfills.

Most Nalgene bottles are made from Tritan, a BPA free #7 recyclable plastic that is safe and durable.

Made in the USA: almost all of the materials and manufacturing of Nalgene’s bottles and containers happens here in the USA, minimizing Nalgene’s carbon footprint.

I’ve linked my favorite Nalgene water bottles below for you to shop.  They have everything from the traditional 32oz bottles, to narrow mouth, mini’s and bottles with a variety of closures.

This blog post was created in collaboration with Nalgene.  As always, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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