Same Jumpsuit, Different Bodies with Casey @streetsbeatseats

I’ve had my eye on a few denim jumpsuits but haven’t been able to finally purchase one…until I saw this beauty from Worthy Figures.  I put it on, walked to the mirror and said “HOT DAMN! Look at my butt!!”  I was sold.  It was that simple.  As a firm believer in wearing what makes you feel your best, this was an purchase I couldn’t pass up.  Casey from felt the same way!  After receiving her Worthy Figures jumpsuit in the mail and loving the fit, we decided to collaborate on a blog post to show you 1) how to style it and 2) how the same size looks different on each unique body.

Casey and I are both wearing the 1X and typically size 14/16.  The denim jumpsuit has plenty of stretch, which means it’s comfortable and hugs every curve perfectly. 

photo by hilary koon photography
photo by hilary koon photography

outfit details: hat // jumpsuit // jewelry // boots

This really is a closet staple that you can wear year-round because it makes an effortless statement on it’s own. During Spring/Summer you can stay cool, then as Fall/Winter approaches you can easily layer a turtlenecks, tees, cardigans and jackets to keep warm. Casey paired it back to a long-sleeve bodysuit. The joy of this choice is you don’t have to worry about a top bunching up underneath it or getting twisted around. A bodysuit stays in place for a seamless look.

outfit details: bodysuit // jumpsuit // similar boots

For our trip to the mountains, I decided to pair it back to a thin turtleneck and cardigan.  This way I have plenty of layers to remove or add depending on how the weather changes throughout the day. Speaking of, I truly can’t say enough good things about the cardigan. It’s a nursing cardigan, but everyone can wear it regardless of whether or not you’re nursing. It’s made of 100% alpaca wool and feels so luxurious! The turtleneck is old, but I’ve found a similar one and linked it below.

outfit details: priscilla jumpsuit // cardigan // turtleneck // booties

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