novelty denim

clockwise from top left:
black embroidered skinny // rose embroidered skinny // beaded star boyfriend jean
pearl embellished slim fit // gemstone super ripped mom jean
floral printed denim // pearl embellished grey skinny

There is something about a great pair of jeans that you just can’t beat.  They’re casual, but easily dressed up for a night out; the effortless comfort and ease of denim is something that can’t be replicated.  The exciting part about the denim market right now is that it’s all about novelty: embroidered, beaded, printed, lace-up and mesh insets are a few of the big ideas you’ll notice on the market.  I pulled together some of the styles I’m currently coveting to give you a taste for what you’re in for this season and what I can’t wait to add to my closet!

While I love all of the jeans pictured above, I do have a few favorites.  The Paige pearl embellished skinny jeans in grey (left) are my number one choice, but for now I’m leaning toward the more budget-friendly sister from Zara on the far right.  I love the fact that they’ve mixed two opposing things, casual jeans and pearls, and yet it’s a perfect match!  I guess opposites really do attract.

Then came along the Boohoo light wash jeans up top with embroidered roses.  These are a no-brainer.  I can’t believe they’re only $49!  It’s hard to find that pretty of embroidery at that price point.  Grab it while you can!

Happy shopping!

x lolo

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