Cheers to the Beginning!

Why blog?  Why start now?  These are the questions I’ve asked myself on a daily basis for far too long.

I have been yearning to blog for the last two or three years, but something has always held me back.  That something is me.  I have used excuse after excuse: I don’t have time, I don’t have the money, I need to lose weight first, the timing isn’t right….the list goes on.

The real reason is fear.  Fear of not being accepted.  Fear of putting myself out there, being vulnerable to the eyes and ears of others.  Fear of judgement and criticism.

I refuse to let another year go by like this.  It has been exhausting.  There are so many beautiful things in life, great and small, that this energy should be focused on.  If you are passionate about something, there is no reason you shouldn’t do your best to pursue it.  Why hold yourself back?  Therefore, it is only fitting that at the beginning of a new year, a moment dedicated to resolutions and self-reflection, I put my foot down with myself.  2016 has officially (as official as this could possibly be) been dubbed a “year without fear.”

Glad we could let that go.  Now it’s time for some fun!  Let’s focus on what you, as a follower, can look forward to.

The Style Lo Down is a lifestyle blog.  It is a creative outlet where I’ll be sharing a little bit of everything from daily looks to current trends, product reviews, tips and tricks, shopping guides and styling advice.  Most likely there will be some food for thought thrown in, as well as food for eating.  I’ll probably add some fitness tidbits as well.  Honestly, I’m just as much along for this ride as you are.  We’ll figure this thing out together.  But most importantly, it will be fun and informative.

Thank you for stopping by!  I hope you will choose to follow me on this journey and enjoy it as much as I will.

Cheers!  xx