bodysuits + body positive

neon love story choker // knit bodysuit // distressed jeans

I have been curious about the bodysuit trend and loved the way it looked on other people.  So I finally tried it, but realized that it pushed me outside of my comfort zone in a way I usually don’t talk about.  While I flaunt my curves in this post, it isn’t always an easy thing for me to do.   You might notice I usually wear things that aren’t too fitted and typically disguise my hips and waist.  I love high or mid-rise jeans, which is really what goes best with bodysuits, because they make sure everything is held in, smoothed out, and comfortable.  I usually pair them with tops that always come to my hips; I never wear anything cropped that might put my curves in plain site.  However, in this post I decided to step outside of my comfort zone by doing something completely different.

I have a love-hate relationship with my curves.  The love: I think they’re powerful because I have a lot of muscle within them, sexy and beautiful in their own way, and I know that I have certain assets that others would literally pay for.  The hate: I can’t wear everything that a size 2 can, shopping can be a big challenge when it comes to fit, and even though my husband thinks I look wonderful in everything (bless his heart) I struggle to see it that way.  There is a lot of discussion around being “body positive” and I think it’s important to state that while I struggle with this mindset, I 100% believe in this movement.  Body-positivity is something I strive towards every day.  There are people where this mindset comes naturally: they exude confidence, they’re comfortable in their skin and they love their body inside-and-out.  There are days where I am this person.  Every time I step into the gym I am reminded of how appreciative I am of the strength my body has and the beauty within that.  It reinforces the importance of physical fitness not with the intention of losing weight necessarily, but because it is how we honor our bodies through self-awareness and taking care of it’s well-being.  But this also means there are times when I want to breakdown and cry out of frustration when it doesn’t fit the mold I want it to.

Being body-positive is so important because it is directly linked with your self-image and self-esteem.  Our bodies should be cherished because they’re what get us through each and every day.  We depend on them every second of every moment.  I think it’s also important to state that being body-positive applies to you no matter what end of the scale you fall on or size range you fit into.  You should love the body that you were given because regardless of the flaws you see, they are a gift.  They should be respected.  However, that mindset isn’t always something that comes easily.  I hope that one day it does.  For now, I’ll be continuing to work on my mindset every day by practicing love and forgiveness towards myself.  I hope that you will do the same so that we can continue promote the beauty in the strength of women everywhere, both mentally and physically.

Thank you for reading.  Have a great week!

x lolo

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